All vehicles are modeled with their interior space, and they will be commanded from it. You will be able to play in the different roles of each vehicle, including the main gun loader or the radio operator.


Play with friends or against them. This is a multiplayer-based simulator so you will find other people in your side and the enemy side. Also, due to the size of the maps, there will be NPC units, and their behavior will be, as close as possible, as the players.


The operations will be the main battle maps of the game. These operations will take a few days, they will have night/day cycle, and they will be kilometric.


Change the camouflage, add historical decals and victory marks to the tanks. But not only that, you will be able to change the vehicle weapons, the armor and more, according to the historical variants of each model.


One of the main goals is related with the game immersion. The objective is that you feel that you are controlling your tank, with this in mind, all the playable vehicles will be highly interactive, you will be able to use internal controls like buttons or sights directly.


There won't be "life bars" to determine the life of a vehicle. All vehicles will have internal modules that will establish if a vehicle is destroyed or operative.


Play with 17 vehicles of two nations; you will be able to use light, medium and heavy tanks but, also, unusual ones as artillery and support vehicles.

Vehicle List

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