2019 . 07 . 01

Alpha Early Access Release
The moment has come, the first of July of 2019 will be born Steel Gear: Stalingrad. That month will be released the alpha early access version for public access, the first public version of this "handcrafted" tank simulator of the Second World War.
The early access release is another step on the journey, but it is not the beginning, for four months a group of testers has been playing a closed alpha version in collaboration with the developer to reach this moment with the most solid game version possible (as solid as an alpha version could be).
This presentation page is the guide to know all about the release, the state of the game, and the benefits of to purchase the game now.
Steel Gear: Stalingrad Alpha Beta Release
Estimated Release Date July, 2019 TBD TBD
Price 19.99€ 29.99€ 39.99€
Difference 50% 25% None
KV-2 Exclusive Vehicle Yes No No
Dicker Max Exclusive Vehicle Yes No No
F. A. Q.
1. What is the release date of the Alpha Early Access version?
The 1st of July of 2019 at 00:00h UTC the Alpha Early Access version will be available for purchasing.
2. How many people are working on the project?
Only one person, at the moment, is working on the project, doing all the stuff (code, models, website... etc.).
3. What is the current content of the game?
At this moment the player can use two tanks: the Soviet T-34 and the German Panzer IV. The player can use them inside the single player training area and the online combat operations. The current map for the combat operations is 'Stalingrad Oblast' a map based on the fields between Ukraine and the old city of Stalingrad of 400 square kilometers. When the player is in a combat operation, it can complete missions fighting against bots and other players. When the player completes tasks it earns rewards, this rewards increase the player's position on the battle's leaderboards.
4. Where are the game servers?
The game servers are located in Europe, so the players outside this region will have higher latency values. There are plans to open new servers in other regions according to the number of players of each region.
5. What are the plans for the near future of the Alpha version?
The main work is focused on developing the necessary systems and the base of the game, of course, there will be more content additions in the future of the alpha, but the priority is the stability and the base mechanics.
6. What is the point of purchasing the game at this stage?
First, the Alpha version is 50% cheaper than the Final version and 25% cheaper than the Beta version. Also purchasing the Alpha version, you will get access to two exclusive vehicles: the Soviet KV-2 and the German Dicker Max. If you buy the Beta or the Final version you won't get them for free. And, of course, you can test all the content the first one, giving your feedback from the beginning.
7. Can I buy the alpha version at any time?
No, to guarantee the stability and scalability of the game and all the systems involved, the game will be sold in a limited way; there will be waves or periods in which you will be able to buy it. Also, there will be a threshold regarding the copies sold; if that threshold is reached, the sale of copies will be suspended.
8. What will be the first sales periods?
The first period will be from the 1st of July until the 9th of July, and there will be another period in the second half of July. The following periods after that are not decided yet.
9. Where can I buy the game?
The game only will be available for purchase on the official website. Only one form of payment is allowed; using credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).
10. What do I have to do to buy the game?
The only requirement is to have a game user account on the official website (this account is different than the forum account). The registration process to create new game user accounts will open a week before the release date.

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