Alpha v.1.1.0

General Changes

Updated to Unity version 2019.2.3f1.

Added new Keybinding system.

Added Crew commands system.

Now it is possible to change between AP and HE ammo.

Now it is possible to turn off the tank engine.

Added new optics effect.

The FX has been updated.

The sound blending at distance has been improved.

Added the shockwave effect.

The whoosh sound of the bullets has been improved.

The interior geometry of the Panzer IV has been upgraded.

The performance when playing in online battles has been improved.

The gameplay experience of players with high ping values should be better.

Added 3840x2160 resolution (experimental).


Now the settings files of the game are saved in a folder located in the computer user's MyDocuments folder.

Known Issues

The coaxial sight of the T-34 is not working.

The physics of the flags are disabled.

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