Alpha v.1.2.0

General Changes

Added the new Damage System.

Added the new Tactical Map.

Added the new Vehicle Management Window.

The damage model of all units has been reworked.

Now the client receives the damage data at the same moment the client's unit receives damage in the server.

Now if the player is in a vehicle position with an alive crew member, and this crew member is disabled because of damage, the player will be changed to another position with an alive crew member automatically.

Added the tactical map and the vehicle management window to the training mode.

Now the players can export and import map layers from the tactical map game folder. It is available (by default) in: AppData > Local > SteelGearSimulator > TacticalMap.


Added resolution 3200x1800

Bug fixing

An important disconnection error when playing in multiplayer and the client received updates from an important number of units, has been solved.

Known Issues

The T-34 movement speed is not working correctly for player units.

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