Keybinding System
In Progress

A new system will replace the current keybinding system. It will be possible to assign keys to all controls and to assign functions to the mouse axis.

Crew Commands
In Progress

The player will be able to give orders to its crew when using the commander position of its vehicle, this includes shooting order when available.

Client Performance

Optimization works on the game client to improve the performance in terms of fluency and frame rate.

Map Improvements

The player will be able to draw on the map, this includes lines, symbols, angles... etc. Also, it will be able to measure distances and elevations.

Player's Base

A base that can be improved and where the player will be able to manage, in the future, its vehicles, crew and operations.

AI Improvements

Work on the AI of the units to improve their combat behaviour, allowing them to interact with each other, and to improve the AI vehicle movement.

Damage Model Review

Review of the current damage model system to increase its precision and to improve the server side performance.

Ammo System

The introduction of the first version of the ammo system that allows the player to use different types of ammo and to see them inside the tank and the gun's breech.

Vehicle Window

A new window will replace the current damage report's window. This new one will allow the player to manage its vehicle and crew.


The players and the AI units will be able to repair the damage of their vehicles. Also with this feature the damage of the vehicles will have a real effect over them.

Patrolling Missions

A new type of mission, it will consist of patrolling a map area. The mission reward will be low, but it will have a bonus for each unit destroyed inside the patrol's area.

Mission Bonuses

Implementation of bonuses for missions like the night mission bonus or the missions stacking bonus.

This section only includes relevant features which are scheduled for the near future. Not all the work related to each version is included here.

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