Community Support

If you experiment with technical problems with the game, you are not able to play the game or similar; you can seek technical help on the forums. It is probably that the forum community can help you. Of course, if your problem persists or to solve it, it is needed the use of personal data, use the official support service.

Official Support

If you have problems with payments, receipts, game access or issues that involve personal data you have to write an email to the official support service:
The subject of your email has to include, in the beginning, the tag [SGSupport]. Also, the email cannot contain files attached, images, links or similar that have not been required; only text is allowed. If your email does not meet these requirements it will be ignored.
You can write to the support when you want, but the work schedule of it is from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), so you will receive the answers to your emails in those days. Please realize that the support service could be slow, so be patient.

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